Houghall Campus Main Enrolment - 27th Aug

27 Aug 2024

Main enrolment starts now at East Durham College's Houghall campus! If you're signing up for September, you'll need to come to one of our enrolment events like this one to get your place.

Enrolment is an essential part of joining the college. During the event, we will sit with you and go through all of their details, including any applicable kit costs and other information.

Let's Get Enrolled!

And here...we...go!

It's time to get your place at East Durham College officially sorted for this September, and to do that, you're gonna need to come along to our enrolment events!

This year, enrolment at our Houghall campus for all courses will be taking place from Friday 23rd August 2024 and continues on Tuesday 27th August.

What to Expect

Please be aware that the enrolment process can take some time, so set yourself aside a couple of hours on the day!

First of all, you need to arrive. When you enter the building, you'll see our friendly team standing at a desk with a load of folders in front of it. Go up to them, say hi, give them your name, and they'll pull out a folder with all your details in it!*

*Unless you haven't applied already previously, in which case it's not a problem, but we'll need you to fill in some details for us when you come and see us.

Once you've got your folder, you'll be off to the maths and English team. These guys will take your grades and your other info, as well as potentially have you sit a small maths/English test so we can see what level you're working at.

After you're done with maths and English, you'll be sent back downstairs to our atrium. Again, a staff member will greet you there and direct you to the next stage - Lecturer interviews! That sounds a lot scarier than it actually is. In reality, our lecturers will simply have a chat with you about what you want to do, your achievements so far, and work out which course and course level is best for you.

Chat done? Come back and see the staff member you saw before again, give them your folder, and they'll whisk you off to the enrolment queue. Now you just need to sit tight and wait for your name to be called.

When you're called, you'll sit with one of our enrolment team. This is the part where you actually sign up for the course you want to do. Our team will also go through your financial situation with you to see if you get any financial support for college on things like kit you'll need for your course, as well as free school meals. Once all that's done and you've signed on the dotted line, you'll officially be an East Durham College student.

...but wait! There's one more station to go before you leave. Make sure you wear your best togs as we'll need to take your photo quickly for your student ID and bus pass. Once that's done, you're all sorted and free to go!

Like we said before it can all take a bit of time depending on how busy we are on the day, so please be patient and we'll get you enrolled as soon as we can.

Already Applied?

If you have already applied to East Durham College and been in for an interview with one of our course lecturers, we will write to you with a date/time of your appointment for enrolment.

Not Yet Applied?

You do not need to have previously applied to East Durham College to enrol.

If you haven't yet applied to the college, simply turn up at the appropriate enrolment event and we will be able to sort everything out from there.

Where to Find Us

Our Houghall campus is found on the outskirts of Durham City Centre, directly across from Durham University's Maiden Castle building.

Our address is:

East Durham College
Houghall Campus
County Durham

FREE parking is available on-site.

Contact Us

Got any questions about this event or you are unable to make our enrolment invite date and time - no problem - please get in touch with our Student Services Team who'll be happy to help you! 

Call: 0191 375 4700

Email: enquiries@eastdurham.ac.uk

You can also fill in the contact form below to get in touch with us.