Land Based Short Courses

Close-up of a field of wheat


Study at Houghall Campus


Make the great outdoors your classroom! Start your agricultural career right here in the North East at East Durham College’s Houghall campus! At East Durham College, we’ve been teaching agriculture for over 80 years. If you’re wanting to get into the farming industry, there’s no better place than right here at EDC.
Butterfly sat on purple wild flowers

<span>Animal Care, Science & Management</span>

Study at Houghall Campus

Animal Care, Science & Management

With lizards, rabbits, snakes and even our very own resident goats, our fantastic animal care centre has everything you need to start your career in animal care.
A small dog running towards the camera

<span>Dog Grooming</span>

Study at Houghall Campus

Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming is a highly popular career choice. With dog ownership always on the rise and growing opportunities in this sector, training as a dog groomer with a dog grooming course at East Durham College can help you to start your own business or work as a professional dog groomer in a grooming parlour.
Lots of different colours tulips

<span>Floristry & Floral Design</span>

Study at Houghall Campus

Floristry & Floral Design

Learn to create stunning floral designs with our range of part-time and full-time floristry courses, available at our Houghall campus in Durham.
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Study at Houghall Campus


We offer a range of part-time horticulture course programmes at our Houghall campus in Durham – ideal for those already working in the horticulture industry wanting to further expand their skills or gain official qualifications.
A Bosch chainsaw lent on a sawn log

<span>Tree Surgery & Management (Arboriculture)</span>

Study at Houghall Campus

Tree Surgery & Management (Arboriculture)

It's time to climb high with a tree surgery course at East Durham College's Houghall campus in Durham!