The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

At the heart of our extended curriculum is the opportunity for every student to develop and realise an advanced level project entirely of their own devising.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) offers the chance for you to gain real independence, resilience and maturity as an advanced level learner, while pursuing any topic of your choosing. From staging a fashion show to designing a carbon neutral house, from researching ground-breaking cancer therapies to beginning the novel you’ve always wanted to write, the Extended Project presents a fantastic opportunity both to pursue your interests and to spread your wings. Taught in a university style, through seminars and one-to-one tutorials, this is a qualification that prepares you well for higher education and for employment.

As it pushes students to develop their independence and initiative, it is also an excellent accompaniment to any study programme that includes coursework elements (for example, history, English, and computer science).

It is recommended that students taking coursework subjects complete an EPQ in their first year, to prepare them to complete their coursework in their second year. Just as importantly, it allows you to carve out entirely your own pathway and really follow your own interests.

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