Meet the Staff - Positive Steps Nursery

Meet the team here at Positive Steps Nursery!

Management Team

Denise McAvinnie - Nursery Manager/Designated Safeguarding Lead

Tracey Brennan - Deputy Manager & Room Lead Little Bears/Designated Safeguarding Lead

Christine Wells - Room Lead Pre School/Designated Safeguarding Lead

Joanne Churlish - Room Lead Cuddly Cubs/Designated Safeguarding Lead/SENCo.

Childcare Officers & Assistants:

Claire Malcolm - Cuddly Cubs

Leanne Hawkes - Cuddly Cubs

Emma Armstrong - Cuddly Cubs

Clare Smith - Cuddly Cubs

Kirsty Watson - Cuddly Cubs

Shannon Dodsworth - Cuddly Cubs/Little Bears

Kim Lambert - Little Bears

Debbie Langlands - Little Bears

Marie Finlay- Little Bears

Nicola Dudley Magee - Pre-School

Leah Brown - Pre-School

Supply Childcare Officers:

Nichola Morland

Kitchen Assistant:

Paula Darby

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