Research Trials at the Houghall Campus

Our Houghall campus has a long tradition of being involved in a range of agricultural and horticultural related trials and research.

Current Projects

Herbicide trials in conjunction with i2L Research Ltd

The main aim of the trials, which started in November 2016, is the evaluate the efficacy and crop safety of different herbicides for the pre and post emergence control of weeds in winter wheat and winter barley. We’re trialling five different products, each at three different application rates in order to determine the minimum effective rate for each product. The products are a mixture of registered commercially available products, and test products that are being put forward for registration. The aim then is to compare the new test product to currently available products in order to determine how well the new formulations perform.

Overall the desired outcome for the trials is to firstly see that the herbicides control weed growth whilst having no adverse effect on the crop itself. The products should ideally not only have no negative effect on the crop, but also increase yield by preventing weed growth and allowing the crop to develop better. We would also like to see an effect of rate with the higher rates outperforming the lower rates for each product.

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