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Are you at school or aged 16 to 18 and wanting to find out what you might be able to study at EDC, well click here to find out more about the fantastic range of courses you could choose from with us.
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<span>Adult Learner</span>

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Adult Learner

We are the largest provider of further education training to adult students in County Durham. Whether you're a complete beginner or work in industry and want to learn something new to progress your career, our adult courses are perfect for you! Many are completely FREE too.
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<span>16 to 24 (SEND)</span>

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16 to 24 (SEND)

We are the largest provider of further education to SEND students in the North East. Find out how we can support you on your next exciting step after school or if you want to move from another college.
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Study at EDC


We offer several different educational programmes for 14-16 year olds at East Durham College - click here for more information on what services we have available.