A Level Accounting 2024-25

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A Level Accounting 2024-25

*In many cases courses are FREE subject to age, household income and/or prior attainment. Please read our Course Fees & Funding page.
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Course overview

Professional accountancy is vital for economies to prosper whilst remaining fair and transparent. As such the profession is very highly valued, and graduates with accountancy are in high demand within the global financial services industry. Alongside traditional accountancy careers, studying the subject can enable you to progress to careers in banking and finance. You will also have a unique opportunity to apply your skills across a wide range of industries.

The accounting sector is growing, and so are the number and variety of opportunities! Accountants are needed in every industry, so you will be able to choose an industry that intrigues you. To keep things interesting, you could even consider changing industry every few years. With an accounting qualification under your belt, you will even have the opportunity to work abroad if you fancy!

A-Level Accounting can be often study A-Level Business Studies, A-Level Mathematics and/or Further Mathematics, A-Level Economics and A-Level Politics in combination.

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Our A Level Accounting course follows the most recent AQA Accounting Specifications. Students study two equally weighted units.

1. Financial Accounting
2. Accounting for Analysis and Decision-making.

The aims of the course are to:

• Understand the role and develop the skills of the accountant in developing and evaluating accounting information systems and in preparing financial and management accounting information.

• Apply the principles and techniques of accounting in the preparation of financial and management accounting information including using the double entry model, to: record transactions, prepare financial statements for different types of organisations and prepare management accounting information to enable management to plan, control and make decisions.

• Analyse and evaluate a range of financial and management information and communicate the outcomes numerically and verbally.

• Evaluate the impact of ethical considerations on the accountant and the duty to be truthful and accurately represent the facts when preparing and presenting accounting information, undertaking financial decision making and addressing the concerns of stakeholders.

• Develop the ability to solve problems logically, analyse data methodically, make reasoned and justified decisions and use different reporting methods to communicate these to stakeholders.

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Job opportunities after this course

Accounting, Business, Law, Finance, Banking, Economics, Politics, Teacher and Data analyst

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Further study options after this course

Most students progress to University or onto Degree apprenticeships

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Entry requirements

5 GCSE grades 4-9 which must include GCSE English 4-9 and GCSE maths at grade 6 or above.

Our entry requirements are in place to support our students in achieving the qualifications they have chosen to study. In addition to the entry requirements, all students will be regularly assessed by East Durham College at an early stage in their study programme. This is to ensure that students are enrolled onto courses which suit their abilities – following assessment, there may be occasions when students are transferred to a relevant course at a higher or lower level in order to ensure they are enrolled on to the right course for them to achieve and progress.

Entry onto any course at EDC may have entry requirements in addition to exam results; this includes but is not limited to DBS checks, references, fitness to practice and at times physical requirements to be capable of achieving the practical elements of the course without assistance. Entry onto any course at East Durham College is subject to final approval from the Assistant Principal.


How is this course assessed?

The course is assessed externally in two written exams, at the end of the second year, which are equally weighted in the number of marks available that make up the final A Level grade.

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When does the course start?

September 2024

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Length of course

This qualification is linear. Linear means that students will sit all their exams at the end of the 2 year course.

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Fees & Funding

Please read our Course Fees & Funding page.
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How to apply

To apply online for this course, please click on the 'Apply' button at the top/bottom of this page.

Alternatively, if you need assistance with your application or you would like to apply over the phone or using a paper-based application form, please call Student Services on 0191 743 0149.

If you're not quite ready to apply for this course and would like some more information or to speak to a member of staff then please click on the 'Enquire' button at the top/bottom of this page.

A Level Accounting 2024-25

*In many cases courses are FREE subject to age, household income and/or prior attainment. Please read our Course Fees & Funding page.