Is An Apprentice Right for Your Business?

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way for your business to thrive. It's an exciting time for both you as employer and your potential apprentice; for your apprentice, you're giving a chance for a person to shine in your organisation and giving their future career a spark. For you, you're taking on a passionate person who's keen to learn and will bring benefits to your business over time by becoming a valued employee.

Don't forget - at East Durham College we offer a fully managed apprenticeship service, including your apprentice's training, support on funding, and FREE recruitment.

Did you know that there's no upper age limit on apprentices either? While it's easy to associate apprentices with being fresh out of school and 16 years old (which is the minimum age an apprentice can be), in reality, an apprentice can be any age at all. Whether they're 16, 42 or over 100, countless people in the UK are eligible for an apprenticeship, depending on their current level of highest-achieved qualification.

Depending on your particular business turnover and other factors, you may also be eligible for support for funding your apprentice, and their training. Schemes such as the Apprenticeship Levy provide funding for businesses, just like yours.

Here's a quick recap of the benefits to your organisation, and why you should be considering hiring an apprentice:

  • 90% of apprentices stay on in their place of work after their apprenticeship is finished. You're gaining a skilled member of staff who's trained in your organisation, meaning there's no need to look for someone else when the apprenticeship is done.
  • We offer a wide selection of apprenticeships, covering many different job roles. East Durham College's fully managed apprenticeship service matches the right apprentice with your business.
  • Apprenticeships are tailored to your unique business needs. We cater your apprentice's training and delivery to ensure it fully meets the needs of your organisation
  • Freshen up your workforce. Apprentices are keen to learn and get stuck in at work; they're learning new skills from you as they work, so they're passionate about getting the best out of their time with you.
  • Funding for your apprentice's training. Most of the costs of training are covered by the government if you have an annual turnover of under £3 million; if you're above that, you are eligible for support from the Apprenticeship Levy fund too.

Apprenticeship Recruitment Made Easy

Working with EDC cuts out the effort for your business. There's no recruitment drives to run, no trawling through applications - instead, we assess your business needs, look through our pool of apprentices who have already registered their interest, and provide you with a selection of candidates right for your business, and your business objectives.

We offer:

  • Expert staff with up-to-date skills, knowledge and experience
  • Professional FREE recruitment service, structured around your individual business needs
  • Outstanding practical training facilities
  • Flexible delivery, created to suit your business.
  • Fully managed service at all stages of the apprenticeship
  • Apprenticeship Levy and funding support

Our priority is to provide capable and committed apprentices who can help you to drive your business forward.

*Funding subject to business turnover.

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