Subject Areas

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<span>A Levels</span>

Study at ED6 Sixth Form

A Levels

With 100% pass rate for over 5 years, loads of A Levels options and fantastic teaching, why go anywhere else than right here at East Durham Sixth Form, ED6?
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<span>Access to Higher Education</span>

Study at Peterlee Campus

Access to Higher Education

Always dreamed of changing things up and getting a second chance to go university? With Access to Higher Education at EDC, you can make it happen!
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Study at Peterlee Campus


Qualified accountants are in demand everywhere - if there's a business, chances are they need an accountant too! Get your start in this exciting industry full of opportunities with a part-time accountancy course here at EDC.
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Study at Houghall Campus


Make the great outdoors your classroom! Start your agricultural career right here in the North East at East Durham College’s Houghall campus! At East Durham College, we’ve been teaching agriculture for over 80 years. If you’re wanting to get into the farming industry, there’s no better place than right here at EDC.
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<span>Animal Care, Science & Management</span>

Study at Houghall Campus

Animal Care, Science & Management

With lizards, rabbits, snakes and even our very own resident goats, our fantastic animal care centre has everything you need to start your career in animal care.
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<span>Art & Design</span>

Study at Peterlee Campus

Art & Design

Hone your artistic talent with a dedicated course designed to bring out the very best in your abilities as an artist and designer.
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<span>Beauty Therapy</span>

Study at Peterlee Campus

Beauty Therapy

Makeup, massage, nail art and so much more - if you're serious about beauty, make a career out of it with a course at East Durham College's Peterlee campus!
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Study at Peterlee Campus


Serious about building up a great job for yourself? Brickwork could be the course you're looking for!
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<span>Building Services Engineering</span>

Study at The Technical Academy

Building Services Engineering

East Durham College's new and exciting two-year, full-time T Level in Building Services Engineering (BSE) course can lead to all kinds of opportunities!
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<span>Business & Management</span>

Study at Peterlee Campus

Business & Management

Could you be the next big entrepreneur? At East Durham College's Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, you can learn everything you need to know to launch your own business!
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<span>Carpentry & Joinery</span>

Study at Peterlee Campus

Carpentry & Joinery

Love working with your hands and creating new things? Why not line up a potential career in the carpentry and joinery industry by taking a carpentry/joinery course at East Durham College?
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<span>Childcare & Health & Social Care</span>

Study at Peterlee Campus

Childcare & Health & Social Care

If you're a kind, considerate person who loves working with others, learning how to care for either children or adults can lead to an extremely rewarding future career.
Digital coding on a screen

<span>Computing & ICT</span>

Study at Peterlee Campus

Computing & ICT

Dream of creating the next big thing in gaming or becoming a master of computer programming? It all starts right here with a course in Computing & ICT at East Durham College!
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Study at Peterlee Campus


If you're a caring, kind person who wants to help others with their problems and cope with difficult situations, counselling could be the ideal course for you.
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<span>Creative Media Production</span>

Study at Peterlee Campus

Creative Media Production

Unleash your creativity with a Media course at East Durham College, and work towards your excitingnew career in the media industry!
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<span>Derwent Autism Provision</span>

Study at Houghall Campus

Derwent Autism Provision

The Derwent Autism Provision based at East Durham College's Houghall campus, in Durham, works to provide an all-round education for learners with Autism.
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<span>Digital Training</span>

Study at Peterlee Campus

Digital Training

Are you a local business and want to take things to the next level? With East Durham College's FREE digital training courses, you can make it happen!
Exterior of East Durham College's Peterlee campus building lit up at night

<span>Distance Learning</span>

Study at Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Study from the comfort of your own home or workplace with our range of distance learning courses. Oh and here's the best part - they're all FREE of charge!
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<span>Dog Grooming</span>

Study at Houghall Campus

Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming is a highly popular career choice. With dog ownership always on the rise and growing opportunities in this sector, training as a dog groomer with a dog grooming course at East Durham College can help you to start your own business or work as a professional dog groomer in a grooming parlour.
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<span>Electro-Technical Technology</span>

Study at The Technical Academy

Electro-Technical Technology

Have you ever considered a career as an electrician or electrical engineer? This exciting and rewarding career path is filled with opportunities - with East Durham College, we'll give you the training you need to get started in your career as a professional electrician
Close-up of an engineer turns dials on a machine

<span>Engineering & Manufacturing</span>

Study at The Technical Academy

Engineering & Manufacturing

With high salaries and growing demand for skilled engineers, it's not hard to see why more people than ever are considering training to be engineers.
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<span>English & Maths (Functional Skills)</span>

Study at EDC

English & Maths (Functional Skills)

Improve your maths and English skills with a FREE maths or English qualification from East Durham College.
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<span>Equine Studies</span>

Study at Houghall Campus

Equine Studies

Saddle up with East Durham College's popular equine/horse care courses, taught at our stunning Houghall campus on the outskirts of Durham.
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<span>Floristry & Floral Design</span>

Study at Houghall Campus

Floristry & Floral Design

Learn to create stunning floral designs with our range of part-time and full-time floristry courses, available at our Houghall campus in Durham.
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<span>Foundation Studies (SEND)</span>

Study at EDC

Foundation Studies (SEND)

Foundation Studies offers entry level courses for young people with a wide range of support needs, learning difficulties and disabilities.
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<span>Green & Renewable Energies</span>

Study at EDC

Green & Renewable Energies

The demand for trained and qualified renewable energy specialists is set to grow. Retraining to work in this sector is easier than you might think and whether you seek employment, or to be able to start and build your own business, in this exciting sector we can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.
Close-up of hairdressing brushes and hairdryer laid on white surface

<span>Hairdressing & Barbering</span>

Study at Peterlee Campus

Hairdressing & Barbering

It's time to sharpen up your skills with our hairdressing and barbering courses, complete with a unique hairdressing curriculum designed by celebrity hairstylist Lee Stafford himself!
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Study at Houghall Campus


We offer a range of part-time horticulture course programmes at our Houghall campus in Durham – ideal for those already working in the horticulture industry wanting to further expand their skills or gain official qualifications.
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<span>Hospitality, Catering & Cookery</span>

Study at Peterlee Campus

Hospitality, Catering & Cookery

With East Durham College’s range of hospitality, catering and professional cookery courses and training, you can learn everything you need to become a professional chef and work in the hospitality industry.
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<span>Land & Wildlife Management</span>

Study at Houghall Campus

Land & Wildlife Management

Make the great outdoors your classroom with a course in land and wildlife management at our stunning Houghall campus in Durham!
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<span>Motor Vehicle Maintenance</span>

Study at The Technical Academy

Motor Vehicle Maintenance

If you're passionate about all things automotive and want to learn how to diagnose everything to do with vehicles, this is the course for you!
Close-up of someone playing an acoustic guitar

<span>Music & Music Technology</span>

Study at Peterlee Campus

Music & Music Technology

Is music your passion? Take it up to the next level with a music or music technology course at East Durham College's Peterlee campus!
Close-up of different colours open paint tins on the floor

<span>Painting & Decorating</span>

Study at Peterlee Campus

Painting & Decorating

Your future career in painting and decorating starts right here at East Durham College.
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<span>Performing Arts</span>

Study at Peterlee Campus

Performing Arts

Whether you dream of taking to the stage and singing your heart out, showing off your fantastic acting ability, love to play music or any combination of all of these, there's a place for you on East Durham College's Performing Arts courses!
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Study at EDC


You've got the gear - but have you got the expertise? You will when you leave East Durham College after taking a photography course with us!
Lots of plumbing pipes and gauges

<span>Plumbing & Heating Engineering</span>

Study at The Technical Academy

Plumbing & Heating Engineering

Get the specialist training you need to become a professional plumbing and heating engineer at East Durham College's Technical Academy with expert tuition from experienced, professional lecturers.
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Study at Peterlee Campus


If you loved science at school, but want an even more in-depth knowledge that leads to loads of exciting careers, this is the course for you!
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Study at Peterlee Campus


Play and thrive doing the sport you love while learning the science and theory behind sport, preparing you for exciting careers in the sport industry.
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<span>T Levels</span>

Study at Peterlee Campus

T Levels

Are you ready for the next level? Starting from September 2022, EDC will start offering T-Levels, an exciting new range of courses combining together vocational study with extended industry work placements.
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<span>Teacher Training</span>

Study at Peterlee Campus

Teacher Training

Would you like to retrain as a teacher? With East Durham College's range of part-time Teacher Training courses, taught at our Peterlee campus, you can!
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<span>Travel & Tourism</span>

Study at Peterlee Campus

Travel & Tourism

Dreaming of a career that will really broaden your horizons? You could go far with a East Durham College travel and tourism course!
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<span>Tree Surgery & Management (Arboriculture)</span>

Study at Houghall Campus

Tree Surgery & Management (Arboriculture)

It's time to climb high with a tree surgery course at East Durham College's Houghall campus in Durham!
The back of four soldiers sat in a vehicle

<span>Uniformed Public Services</span>

Study at Peterlee Campus

Uniformed Public Services

Prepare yourself for a career in the public services with East Durham College.
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<span>Veterinary Nursing</span>

Study at Houghall Campus

Veterinary Nursing

Veterinary nurses are key members of a veterinary team. They work alongside vets to provide care and treatment to a variety of animals. Our programme is based on the small animal pathway.
Someone in a protective mask and boiler suit welding metal with blue and yellow sparks flying


Study at The Technical Academy


Welding is a skill that is considered essential to the manufacture of countless types of products - if you're looking for a start in the engineering industry, a course in welding from East Durham College gives you the opportunities you've been looking for.