Despite our best efforts, we recognise that there may be occasions when you wish to register a formal complaint. We take complaints very seriously and seek to address them appropriately.

It is accepted that in any college there will be times when a student, group of students or member of the community, feel they have reasons to feel aggrieved at their treatment. It is therefore essential that the College has a proper mechanism to allow such persons to bring this complaint to the attention of the management of the College and to ensure that the management deals with it in a fair and equitable manner.

Sending Us Your Complaint

If you would like to make a complaint there are several options. Please email detailing the nature of your complaint. Please provide as much detail as you can; making sure you include any useful information such as your name, staff names, campus and course information etc., so we can follow up your complaint with the relevant department(s).

Alternatively, you can use the short webform at the bottom of this page or you can use/print off the Complaints Submission Form Word document below and either email it to or hand it over at Reception.

Please see the College's Complaints Procedure document below for further details.

Complaints Relating to Higher Education Programme Studied at EDC

University of Sunderland Partnership Programmes

The above procedure relates to all students studying at EDC. However, where a complaint relates to a Higher Education course at East Durham College delivered in partnership with the University of Sunderland and where you are not satisfied with the resolution offered by EDC, you may wish to take your complaint to the university if you are not satisfied with our response. All students on higher education courses are able to bring a complaint that occurred on or after 1 September 2015 to the Office of Independent Adjudicator. It would be expected that if an HE student were unhappy about their HE course, they would go through the college complaints procedure first. Where the response is still deemed to be unsatisfactory, the student should then follow the University of Sunderland internal complaints procedure first, before complaining to the OIA. You can find full details of the University of Sunderland’s Student Complaints Procedure in the University Student Handbook or at

University of Teesside Partnership Programme

The above procedure relates to all students studying at EDC. However, where a complaint relates to the part of a Teesside University Higher Education course taught at East Durham College's Houghall campus, where you are not satisfied with the resolution offered by EDC you may wish to submit a complaint by completing the University's Stage 1 Student Complaint Form and send it to

The role of OSCAR is to ensure that you receive advice on matters relating to any issues or concerns that you may experience during your time at the University.

Advisers in the Students' Union can help you with this process - you may wish to contact them to support you by emailing or call 01642 342 322

Formal East Durham College Complaints Submission Form

Please complete the form below to submit your complaint.

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