Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

'Enriching lives through transformative education.'

Exceptional Education

  • Ambitious curriculum planning and delivery.
  • Outstanding teaching and support.
  • World-class learning experiences.

Accelerating Social Mobility

  • More economically active individuals.
  • Increased inclusivity.
  • Reduced inequality of opportunity.

Purposeful Partnerships

  • Engaging private and public sectors in collaboration.
  • Lead on helping to address skills priorities in the region.
  • Working together as an educational sector to drive the economy forward.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide exceptional further and higher education, providing opportunities for all, through purposeful and collaborative partnerships. We will specifically grow provision in regionally important skills priority areas including construction, advanced manufacturing, social care, digital, culture, creative and tourism and health and life sciences, horticulture, agriculture and food security and sustainability.

Our Values


Students are at the heart of our decision making as we strive to achieve a highly ambitious curriculum for all.


Quality is at the heart of our curriculum and service delivery enabling our organisation to thrive.


Promoting a respectful culture, providing a diverse working environment with a focus on honesty, integrity and inclusivity.


To build a sustainable provision for our current and future communities.

Our Strategic Objectives

Performance - Strategic Objective 1

We are ambitious for our PERFORMANCE and we will continue to grow our share of key markets whilst achieving excellence in provision that meets regional skills needs.

Financial Health - Strategic Objective 2

Achieve STRONG FINANCIAL HEALTH whilst growing our income and maintaining exceptional quality and high levels of student satisfaction.

People Strategic - Objective 3

We are ambitious for our PEOPLE, and we will develop and implement an aspirational People Strategy which will support our people to work collaboratively to deliver our highly ambitious curriculum goals.

Partnerships Strategic - Objective 4

We are ambitious for our PARTNERSHIPS and we will participate in highly effective and proactive collaborations which allow us to accelerate our growth in key priority skills areas.

Collaborative Networks - Strategic Objective 5

Build a COLLABORATIVE NETWORK that increases our impact and reach.