Peterlee Campus

Welcome to our Peterlee Campus!

Found just off the A19 on the edge of Peterlee, our stunning Peterlee campus is a fantastic place to study.

Our multi-million pound facility has everything a student needs to further their knowledge and skills in their chosen subject, from incredible facilities to fantastic teaching designed to get the best out of you.

East Durham College's Peterlee campus is home to a wide range of vocational course programmes, with dedicated facilities for each subject area.

The campus is also home to East Durham Sixth Form (ED6), our specialist A Level provision with a proven track record of delivering incredible results.

The following courses are available at our Peterlee campus:

A Levels

Did you know ED6 Sixth Form at East Durham College has achieved 100% pass rate on A Levels for the past seven for students taking 3 or more A Levels?

There's nowhere else in the region can boast that amazing accolade, and that's why if you're thinking about sixth form and A Levels, ED6 should be top of your list of choices.

On top of that, you also get amazing, passionate teachers who want to get the best out of you, your own ED6 common room, loads of A level options to choose from and much, much more. 

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Access to Higher Education

Are you an adult and think it's too late for you to go to uni? You're wrong - Access to HE is the key to unlocking your route to university.

This course is specifically designed for adults to give you the UCAS points you would need to study a degree at uni. It's an intense, part-time course taught on an evening at the college, and is ideal for moving on to a wide range of different degree programmes.

We currently offer Access to Higher Education courses in Nursing & Midwifery, Science and Humanities.

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Train to be a professional accountant with East Durham College!

Another course made specifically for adults, accountancy qualifications are taught part-time at our Peterlee campus, with the option to study either during the day or an evening.

Ideal for when you've got existing commitments but want to retrain as an accountant!

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Art & Design

Show your creative flair with an art and design course at EDC!

With our own dedicated art studio at our Peterlee campus, you'll be in the perfect place to learn everything from graphic design to clay modelling. 

You'll be taught by our highly professional and experienced artistic lecturers too and over the time you're with us, you'll get to develop your own unique style of art and leave with loads of new skills too.

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Beauty Therapy

Fancy a career as a makeup artist, masseuse or travelling the world? It could all start with a course in beauty therapy at EDC!

Our Peterlee campus is home to our very own beauty salon, with real clients too! That means once you're fully trained, you can put what you've learned into practise as you work with real people popping into the salon for a pamper.

EDC's beauty therapy team are highly experienced beauty professionals who've all worked in the industry themselves, so they're the perfect people to learn your craft from!

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Here's a bright idea - build yourself a career with amazing earning potential with a course in brickwork at EDC!

With constantly growing demand for trained 'brickies', there's no better time than right now to get into the construction industry.

Fully trained bricklayers working on site can easily earn upwards of £30,000 per year, so this really is a fantastic course to consider if you like working your hands, aren't scared to get outdoors and want to get involved in the construction industry.

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Business Studies (Peter Jones Enterprise Academy)

At East Durham College, we're proud to be the only Peter Jones Enterprise Academy in our region.

What does that mean? Well, it means our business course is completely unique, that's what!

Our course was created by the renowned businessman and Dragon's Den star Peter Jones, and allows students to launch their own business with financial backing, as well as compete against other students from across the country to top the National Entrepreneur of the Year rankings.

Please click here for more information on our Business Studies courses >>

Carpentry & Joinery

Just like bricklaying, there's absolutely loads of opportunities for qualified carpenters and joiners in the construction sector.

Whether you choose to work for a firm building new houses, work on furniture for a bespoke maker or even go into business yourself as a self-employed carpenter or joiner, the opportunities are endless.

At EDC we have huge carpentry and joinery workshop which is equipped with absolutely everything you'll need to further your skills as part of this course.

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Catering & Hospitality

Whether you're already a dab hand in the kitchen or new to catering completely, we'll soon get you trained up in EDC's professional kitchens and restaurant!

That's right, at EDC, we have our own restaurant. Scene 1 is open to the public, and our catering students are responsible for preparing the high quality dishes our hungry patrons are paying for.

On top of your training to be a professional chef you'll also learn all about the hospitality side, ensuring that visitors to the restaurant have an excellent experience with us.

You'll be learning the ropes from highly experienced professional chefs too, so you know you're getting the very best education right here at East Durham College.

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Childcare/Adult Care (aka Health & Social Care)

If you're a caring, considerate person, there are few better careers to choose than working in care.

At East Durham College, we have two potential routes in care to choose from. You could, for example, study childcare and focus specifically on caring for young people. Alternatively, you could study health and social care and instead specialise in the care of adults with medical conditions, or the elderly. 

Whichever route you decide to take, our facilities at EDC are absolutely second-to-none. Recently we developed a brand-new hospital ward complete with hoist, hospital beds and much more, and - on top of that! - we've also got a brand-new lecture theatre specifically made for use by childcare and health and social care students.

We spoil you at EDC, we really do!

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Computing & ICT

Dab hand at everything to do with technology? Our computing and ICT courses could be the ones for you!

At East Durham College we have several dedicated IT suites, and - brand new for 2022 - we have our very own Digital Suite. Purpose-built to give students access to the latest equipment, this amazing suite includes high-end gaming PCs, drones, Xbox Series X consoles, top-of-the-range video camera, dedicated server and so much more.

As part of our computing & ICT course you'll learn coding, game development, hardware configurations, how to build PCs and loads more besides.

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Counselling (Available for Adults Only)

Are you a caring, considering person who loves to help others? Then a part-time course in counselling at EDC just makes sense.

Available exclusively for adult learners, we offer counselling up to Foundation Degree level. 

This is a fantastic course for anyone wanting to work in the care sector who's a good listener and would like to help people with a range of issues to work through them in a constructive, helpful way.

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Creative Media Production

Work with a wide variety of different equipment and study with highly experienced lecturers as part of our media production course.

This is another course at EDC packed with amazing facilities; if you study media production, you'll get access to video cameras, gimbals, photography equipment and much more, then edit it all using the latest software in our dedicated Mac computer suite.

Media production students also work with various other students across the college. For example, you might help out with filming a performance by the performing arts students, or you might be behind the scenes providing the lighting for a theatre production.

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Foundation Studies

At East Durham College, we are a highly inclusive college and support a wide range of students with special educational needs or disabilities.

At our Peterlee campus, our foundation department is a dedicated provision for SEND students, ensuring they get tailored tuition from highly experienced tutors who always aim to get the best out of your son or daughter.

Foundation works closely with different areas of the college such as the sports centre to give students access to all of the facilities and unique areas the college offers too.

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GCSE Maths & English

For students who are aged 16 coming in to college who didn't pass GCSE maths and English at school, they'll also study these subjects at EDC alongside their main course programme.

These courses for also available completely FREE of charge for adults who would like to gain these qualifications. As long as you haven't previously gained a pass grade at GCSE, they're totally free.

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Hairdressing & Barbering

It's time to sharpen up those skills with a course in hairdressing at EDC!

Did you know that at East Durham College, our hairdressing courses are delivered in partnership with Lee Stafford Education? That's right - we work with the celebrity hairstylist himself to give our students access to bang-on-trend hair 'recipes', with the occasional visit from Lee himself too at our salon.

Our barbering courses are studied part-time on an evening, and are ideal for adults looking to retrain and start a career in hair instead. They're taught by the UK's first ever female grand master barber too, so you know you're in good hands at EDC.

Just like for beauty therapy, our hairdressing salon is open to the public, allowing students after training to practise their skills on real people.

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Music & Music Technology

Whether you love to sing, shred on the guitar, play the flute or dream of taking to the stage in a theatre production, our music and music technology course will help you to hone your talent even further.

Under the watchful eye of highly experienced musicians, you'll develop your musical talent supported by fellow students, with access to all of the equipment you'll need. Our musicians have their very own practise rooms and also regularly use the theatre for performances. 

On the music production side, you'll also learn the art of music mixing using our very own ProTools recording studio. 

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Painting & Decorating

Another fantastic, practical course for those who love working with their hands, our painting and decorating course will train you up to become a professional painter and decorator .

Like our other construction trades at EDC, P+D students get access to an amazing, custom-made workshop exclusively for them. The painting and decorating workshop includes all of the paint and materials you'll need as part of your course, as well as dedicated training bays around the room where you can practise your craft.

You'll learn everything from the basics of applying paint to walls to advanced techniques such as custom murals, wallpapering and so much more as part of this course.

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Performing Arts

Take to the stage at East Durham College with a course in performing arts.

At EDC, we have the largest theatre available in the area, so performing arts students get to practise their skills in rehearsals and also perform live on stage in various productions as part of their course.

You'll be supported along the way by highly experienced tutors, but also choose to specialise in a particularly pathway. You might, for example, want to act, sing or dance - EDC will let you decide and we'll help you to hone your talents even further.

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Photography (Available for Adults Only)

Note: if you are 16 and interested in photography, it's also available as an A-Level at our sixth form, ED6.

Fancy learning how to be a photographer? At our Peterlee campus we offer part-time photography courses at both Level 1 and Level 2, allowing you to get to grips with your camera gear and learn how to take beautiful photos.

Our photography courses are taught part-time on an evening, so there's plenty of room around your existing work and life commitments to study this course.

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Forensic Science is one of the most exciting subjects to study. If you want to see the reality behind TV dramas such as CSI, Waking the Dead or Silent Witness then this is the subject for you. The legal field, forensic laboratories, crime scene work and intelligence support for the Police force are just some of the career paths that will be available for you.

You'll immerse yourself in the world of applied science as part of this course, taught by our highly experienced science lecturers who'll develop your knowledge of chemistry, physics and biology.

If you're passionate about science and want to go on to a science-related degree at university, this course is definitely worth considering.

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With some of the best sport facilities available in the area, why wouldn't you come and study sport at EDC?

At our Peterlee campus, our sport facilities include our on-site gym, Impact Health & Fitness (free access for all students), our double sports hall, multiple football pitches and even a fully floodlit 3G football pitch too.

Sport at EDC will help you to develop your existing abilities while also learning the science and theory behind sport. We offer sport from Level 1 all the way to Foundation Degree level, so if you're serious about a career in sport, EDC could help you unlock the path to that future job.

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Teacher Training (Available for Adults Only)

Feel like retraining as a teacher or teaching assistant? EDC can help!

Our part-time teacher training courses will help fully prepare you for a career in education.

Please note that these courses are only available for those above the age of 16.

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Travel & Tourism

Fancying a job with the potential of seeing the world? Travel and Tourism could be the one for you!

Our Travel and Tourism course at EDC prepares students for working in this industry by focusing on developing real working experience in our own travel agent, supported by regular trips out to see fantastic tourist sites around the North East.

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Uniformed Public Services

Considering a job in the forces? Whether you want to be a paramedic, work in the navy, become a marine or join the army, our uniformed public services course is made for you!

This course will give you the skills, discipline and attitude to succeed in a career in the forces. Regular practical exercises and field trips will keep you engaged, and you'll be learning directly from a lecturer highly experienced in the armed forces too.

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