Appeals Committee

To discuss and determine appeals relating to disciplinary and grievance decisions.

Audit Committee

To advise on matters relating to the Corporation’s audit arrangements and systems of internal control.

Curriculum, Quality and Standards Committee

Committee to monitor academic performance and make recommendations to the Board in respect of areas relating to curriculum, quality and standards.

Finance and General Purposes Committee

To advise, make recommendations and take decisions within its remit in relation to the proper control and management of the College's resources with a particular focus on finance, HR, IT and the College's estate.

Search & Remuneration Committee

To review and determine the Corporation’s policy on executive remuneration and advise on the specific remuneration packages of senior post holders and the Clerk to the Corporation. To also advise on the appointment of External Members to the Corporation and on matters relating to membership such as composition and balance of the Board.

EDC Committee Structures

The committee structures, including their membership and how often they meet, are detailed in the Governance Handbook Document >>

The Terms of Reference

To view the Terms of Reference document for each Committee, see the Governance Handbook Document >>