Governance Review Statement

It is a Department for Education requirement that all Further Education Colleges commission an external review of governance at least every three years. East Durham College (EDC) commissioned the Association of Colleges to undertake such a review which was carried out by Marina Gaze during the period January to March 2024.

The review recognised that EDC has a high-performing Board that puts the success and well-being of students at the heart of its work. All governors see students as central to their decision-making and work hard to ensure all students’ education and experiences of the college are good or better. Governance at EDC is strong, sets strategy and drives improvements. The Board is well-managed and well-led and provides strong scrutiny, challenge and accountability. Oversight of education, risk and finance is robust. The relationship between the Board and SLT is open and productive. The long-standing working relationship between the triumvirate is very good. Current Board members have an impressive range of skills and experience in a range of leadership roles which they use to benefit students and the college.

The overall conclusion of the review on board effectiveness is that there is strong evidence that the board is highly proficient and consistently impacts positively on college strategy, effectiveness, and outcomes.

Plans are already in place to address the small number of areas for development identified in the review.

For any queries on this statement and governance at East Durham College, please contact the Clerk to the Corporation:

Samantha Pritchard
Muckle LLP

Direct Line: 0191 211 7905

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