Construction Workshops

At our Peterlee campus, students studying construction-related trades can enjoy top-notch facilities. They have access to three spacious workshops, specifically designed for carpentry and joinery, painting and decorating and bricklaying.

Our carpentry and joinery workshop boasts numerous workbenches, a vast selection of tools and equipment for the course, extensive supplies of various wood types, and an outdoor area with wooden training rigs for practising door fitting.

The bricklaying workshop is equally impressive, offering a massive space to work in, along with all the necessary tools, bricks, cement, and mortar to learn how to construct different types of brick builds.

Our workshop for painting and decorating is among the best in the region. It boasts several spacious training bays where you can work comfortably in your own designated area and perfect your craft. Additionally, the college provides an extensive range of various paints, wallpapers and tools to enhance your skills.

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