Positive Steps Childcare Nursery

The Positive Steps Nursery provides high quality care and education at a low cost - for children aged from six weeks to eight years. Some free sessions are available for two, three and four year olds.

Out of school hours and holiday care are also available.

Sessions are free for some students of the College (means tested) and funding is also available for those students with children at other nurseries or with childminders.

Inside Positive Steps Nursery

Sessions at Positive Steps

We are open for 50 weeks of the year, with a 2 week closure over the Christmas period.

You are entitled to holidays with your children - this is dependent on the amount of sessions you do.

Session Times are as Follows:

Morning Session: 8AM to 1PM (includes lunch)

Afternoon Session: 1pm to 6pm (includes tea)

We also offer an early bird session from 7:30AM. This is at an additional cost.

There is a discount available for full-time places at Positive Steps

The Outside of Positive Steps Nursery


When you have accepted your nursery place, we will work out some visits for you and your child.

Initially you will do a one hour visit between 10am and 11am or 2pm and 3pm, depending on what is best for you and your child.

Once your child is more secure and you feel confident to leave them for a longer time, visits will be extended to 2 hours and once we all agree your child is settled and happy, you will begin your paid sessions.

Rooms at Positive Steps

We have several different rooms at Positive Steps for children of different ages. These are:

Cuddly Cubs - for children from birth to 2 years

Little Bears - for children aged 2-3 years

Pre-School - for children aged 3-5 years

These ages are a preferred guideline; children may be admitted into the next relevant age group earlier or later at the discretion of the management team and following discussion with the child's parents/carers.

Inside Positive Steps Nursery

Contact Positive Steps

For more information about Positive Steps, please contact the manager using the details below.

Nursery Manager: Denise McAvinnie

Email: denise.mcavinnie@eastdurham.ac.uk

Call: 0191 518 5540

Ofsted Registration Number: EY376425

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