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Think a career in sport could be for you? At EDC, our sport courses can help you get there.

Over the years here at East Durham College, countless students have studied sport with us and gone on to fantastic success afterwards.

The below info is just a snippet of what you could potentially do with a sports qualification; whether you dream of playing sport professionally, supporting athletes as a physiotherapist or even training the next generation of talent as a PE teacher or a sports lecturer, a sports course from EDC is the ideal way to start your future career in sport!

Below you'll find quotes from former students of East Durham College who've went on to fantastic success in sporting careers.

Physiotherapist uses massage techniques on leg with the wording: Your careers in Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is an allied health profession with the aim to promote, maintain and restore health.

Providing physical assessments, diagnosis and physical interview rehabilitation treatments form the basis of the role, with jobs available in both the NHS and private sector (with both employed and self-employed opportunities available too).

For those with a keen interest in sport, fitness, human biology, psychology and nutrition, East Durham College's BTEC Level 3 Sport Science course is a great starting point in gaining the knowledge needed to become a physiotherapist.

The programme is designed to include work experience within the industry, working alongside professional physiotherapists to give you the qualifications and experience needed to progress on to university to complete a degree in Physiotherapy.

Former Student Feedback

Don't just take our work for it though! Read the stories of former EDC students who've went on to success in physiotherapy below:

Jordan Bell is a former East Durham College student, currently studying a Physiotherapy Degree at Teesside University. He said:

"The course at EDC prepared me for University as it provided many of the basic skills and knowledge I needed for physiotherapy. These were specifically in units such as Anatomy and Sports Injuries where I was learning key areas of the body and how to treat these when injured.

"The course also taught me the correct way to prepare and write assignments, which gave me the confidence to complete them to a high standard."

Sukhi is another former EDC sport student, now currently working for Hartlepool United in their Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Department:

"I had a great time at EDC - my lecturers and coach were brilliant. I was involved in both the football and boxing academies while completing my Sports Science course.

"I got some good advice on where to go next and chose Teesside to complete my degree. This helped me to work for Hartlepool United within their Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Department.

"My favourite day at work was when Hartlepool Utd. won back promotion to the Football League, and I got to experience that because I started my journey at EDC!"

Sam Pickering took a Level 3 Sports and Exercise Diploma at East Durham College, and went on to study at Teesside University on a Physiotherapy Degree:

"I attended EDC for two years, taking the L3 Sport and Exercise Diploma. 

"The course covered a variety of topics and allowed me to keep my options open as to what I wanted to pursue as a future career.

"I eventually decided I would try to follow a career in Physiotherapy, knowing that I'd have to study for three years at university to achieve this goal.

"From the moment I decided this, the staff at East Durham College helped me in every way they could to set me up with the best opportunities to achieve my goal. From organising some shadowing time with qualified physios to practicing my interview skills, EDC ensured I became the best version of myself to stand me in good stead for my aims.

"I also became the college rugby captain in my final year, as well as becoming the Student Union President, attending meetings with board members, and engaging in constructive discussions. All these opportunities developed me as a person and gave me the key skills to become who I am today – a qualified Physiotherapist graduating from Teesside University and now self-employed working closely with sports teams and other clientele.”

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Smiling man outside East Durham College with football goal in background with the wording: Your career as a PE teacher


You love sport, what better way to express that than teaching the next generation to love it too?

Teaching physical education is a rewarding profession for those who enjoy sport, fitness and exercise while helping to educate and develop young people.

Primary, Secondary, FE (college) and the growing private education sector are some of the many opportunities available in which you would be able to stay involved with something you enjoy (sport) and get paid to do it too!

With East Durham College's BTEC Level 3 Sports Science or NCFE Level 3 Sport and Fitness courses, you'll gain the knowledge, tools and qualifications you'll need to progress on to a wide a array of degree programmes in sport, including Sport Science, Sport Coaching, Sports Development and Physical Education. You could even stay at EDC and complete our Sports Coaching and Fitness Foundation Degree. 

This programme is designed to include work experience, allowing you to work alongside PE teachers and will give you the qualifications and experience needed to progress in this career.

EDC also offers the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) course and placement opportunities within the PE department for successful former students.

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Former Student Feedback

Don't just take our word for it though - read the stories of former EDC students who've went on to success in lecturing or teaching below!

Johnathan Ramshaw studied the Level 3 BTEC Sport Science course at East Durham College:

"I have always been interested in Sport throughout my life and the natural progression leaving secondary school was to study a Level 3 BTEC Sport Science course at EDC.

"The course enabled me to undertake both practical and theoretical units such as sports nutrition, sports psychology and fitness testing for sport and exercise science.

"The facilities and teaching staff at the college were fantastic and fully supported me throughout my studies. After successfully completing the course, I then progressed onto the Foundation Degree in Sports Coaching here at the college and completed my final year at Sunderland University. Throughout my time at the college, I was given excellent guidance and finally went onto complete my PGCE to become a PE Teacher."

Emily Harriman completed her Foundation Degree at East Durham College, and has now returned to the college to become a sports lecturer:

"From a young age, I set my heart on becoming a sport lecturer; a career which would allow me to fulfil my hope of becoming a role model to other individuals whilst also making a difference to the lives of teenagers from various educational backgrounds.

"After completing my A Levels, I chose the Foundation Degree at East Durham College to kickstart my career. During my time on the degree, I built all the necessary skills and knowledge required to become a successful teacher. All modules interested me, but I particularly enjoyed the Sports Coaching module as it gave me experience in planning and delivering sessions which allowed me to become a successful leader and gain confidence in my own abilities.

"The breadth of modules covered provided me with background knowledge and a variety of experiences within different areas of sport: anatomy and physiology, sports injuries, coaching, and nutrition being a small handful of the many experiences available, another aspect which has benefitted me greatly as a sport lecturer and has allowed me to discover my subject specialism.

"Underpinning these experiences and opportunities is the staff that deliver on the course, all of whom are there to ensure that your first experience of university is a positive but most importantly an enjoyable one. The staff on the Foundation Degree believe in every individual and work consistently to get the best out of each and every student in their care, providing excellent academic support to help you reach your next steps and career aspirations.

"I am where I am today because of the skills, knowledge and support I received on the foundation degree, I have and will continue to recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to pursue a career in the sports industry. Today, I’m a fully qualified lecturer and I’m back working where I was taught, East Durham College. What are you waiting for?”

George Slatcher completed the BTEC Level 3 Sport Science course at EDC and will fulfil his dream of becoming a qualified teacher in 2022:

“Completing the BTEC L3 Sport Science course gave me the knowledge needed to progress to the next level. The teaching and coaching staff were brilliant, and the course was well balanced with academic studies and practical.

I also had the chance to train within the football and cricket academies. I was given excellent support in completing my UCAS application forms for university and had the opportunity to visit them to pick the right one for me.

In the end, I chose to study the Foundation Degree at EDC, progressing to Sunderland University in the final year. I’m now currently completing my PGCE teaching qualification and will become a qualified teacher in 2022. I really enjoyed my time at EDC and would recommend anyone follow my footsteps if they are thinking of a career in teaching sport / PE.”

Dan Turner completed the BTEC Sport Extended Diploma before remaining at the college to complete the Foundation Degree. After this, he completed his full honours degree at Sunderland university and now works at Easington Colliery Primary School supporting lessons and teaching PE. He said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed studying at EDC; the staff were extremely helpful and supportive throughout my studies. During my time at the college, I gained the skills and experiences needed for employment and further career development.” 

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Start your training today and take steps to become a teacher with East Durham College! Click the link below to apply now for one of our sports courses that can help you get your start in this area:

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Personal trainer watches as woman stretches using arm straps with the words: Your careers as a personal trainer

Personal Trainer

Personal training is a rapidly-growing industry with more demand and opportunities for employment than ever before.

Many established gymnasiums hire PTs as members of full-time or part-time staff, but with the opportunity to use the gym facilities for their own private clients, allowing for considerable increased income for talented and hard-working personal trainers.

At East Durham College, our BTEC Level 3 Sports Science or NCFE Level 3 Sport and Fitness can prepare you for a future career as a personal trainer.

Personal Trainers work with personal clients, professional sports clubs and athletes to provide structured and personalised training programmes unique to an individual. You'll work one-to-one with a client and be responsible for everything from their exercise plan to providing advice on nutrition and general lifestyle changes.

This programme is designed to include work experience working alongside real personal trainers within the fitness industry, and will give you the qualifications and experience needed to progress into employment or higher education on a Foundation Degree or full University Degree.

If you love working with other people, particularly working one-to-one, as well as have a healthy interest in fitness in general, this could be the perfect route for you after college.

Don't just take our word for it though - read the stories of former EDC students who've went on to success in personal training below!

Smiling girl, wearing a black top, leaning against railing

Gabby Mason studied at East Durham College and is now completing the last year of her degree at Durham University. Gabby is also working as a personal trainer for local company Skinny Pigs.

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