Choosing The Right College for My Son/Daughter

How do you pick the right college for your son/daughter? Find more information here:

We'd love for your son/daughter to come to East Durham College, but we get it - there's loads of factors to consider when you're thinking about which college to enrol to.

Here's some things to think about:


How far is the college from where you live? Are there easy transport links to the college? What support is available for student travel from the college?

You should be asking yourself these questions as not all colleges offer the same support package for travel for students.

At East Durham College, we offer all students enrolled with us a free Arriva bus pass. Students can use these passes to travel free of charge to and from college on ANY Arriva bus. 

We also run our own individual 'ED' bus services covering a wide area across the North East.

Courses On Offer

Probably the biggest part of the decision on where to study at college comes down to what courses are actually on offer there, and whether you want to study it or not!

Do your research carefully into the different colleges and what courses they offer, paying attention to facilities available and the track record of the college in that area too.

At East Durham College, we offer a huge variety of different courses at our three different campuses. Many courses are unique to us in this area, particularly at Houghall where you can study subjects such as animal care, agriculture, floristry, veterinary nursing and much more.

You can view all of the subject areas  we have to offer at EDC by clicking here >>

College Facilities

Once you've thought about the course you want to do, have a think about what the college has to offer in that area.

Does the college offer modern facilities and up-to-date technology for the course? What other perks are available for students on that course?

At EDC, we offer some truly fantastic facilities for our students. Whether it's a state-of-the-art equine arena or a Starbucks coffee shop on-site, there's something for every student at EDC.

Click here for information on the college's facilities >>

Come to an Open Event and Find Out More!

We'd highly recommend for the college(s) you're interested in you come in and have a look at what they're all about!

If you're interested in EDC, we run regular open events and evenings throughout the year that you're more than welcome to come along to.

Click here for all of the info on our upcoming events >>

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