ED6 Roadmap

Which route would suit you? 

Which route would suit you at East Durham 6th Form? Depending on your GCES results, ED6 can offer you a number of different pathways.

Route A - 3 A Level Subjects

You must have all GCSE grades at grade 6 or above.

Route B - 1 or 2 A Level Subjects, Plus 1 or 2 AAQs

If you have a mix of some 4, 5 and 6+ grades at GCSE.

Route C - 3 AAQs

All GCSE grades are a mix of 4s and 5s.

Route D - 4 A Level Subjects

This can only be requested if all GCSE grades are at 7 or above.

Route E - GCSE &  A Level Subjects

If you need to resit English or Maths, you may be offered this pathway.

Please note: All decisions are at the discretion of management and management's decision is final.

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