EDC Class Rep System

The Class Rep system is a key way in which the Student Voice is heard by the college. It is an invaluable opportunity for students to present feedback on their student experience to the EDC Students' Union and College Managers who will share, consider and address the feedback.

How does it work?

Every year, your class will elect two fellow students to be Class Reps. These representatives are vital to improving the learning and teaching experience at East Durham College.

Class Representatives play a crucial role in identifying and reporting issues at the class level, as well as collaborating with us to develop effective solutions. As a Class Rep, you will have the opportunity to shape and enhance the college experience for both current and future students, which can be incredibly fulfilling.

Becoming a Class Rep isn't a big commitment. We have around three to four rep meetings throughout the year. After each meeting, the Student Voice & Engagement Officer creates a report on the topics discussed and issues identified. The report is then presented to the College's learner experience management team for their consideration and to strive for improvements in the areas highlighted.

The EDC Student's Union will often provide a questionnaire for reps to distribute to other students before a rep meeting, so their classmates can supply feedback or state what they would like to be raised at the meeting or the next one.

What a class rep should do

  • Talk to your class about any issues in the classroom and around the wider college
  • Attend all the Class Rep meetings (Don't worry, there are only 3-4)
  • Present your classmates’ opinions on college-life issues
  • Network with other Class Reps from across the college
  • Provide feedback on issues back to your classmates
  • Help develop solutions to issues your class may be experiencing
  • Signpost classmates to the EDC Students' Union and College department heads

This is not an exhaustive list. There may be other ways to get involved.

Things you DON'T need to get involved with as a class rep

You will not be asked to get involved with individual student issues. Your role is to represent the collective view of the class.

Don't deal with allegations of bullying or harassment. Students who say they are being bullied or harassed should be encouraged to speak with their lecturer or Progression Coach or to report it via the Online Bullying & Harassment Reporting Form >>

Don't deal with formal complaints. Students wishing to make formal complaints should be
directed to their Progression Coach or Student Services or the Online Formal Complaints Form >>

Do not hold your classmates accountable for disciplinary issues. Let the College handle them through their procedures.

Benefits of being a Class Rep

  • Develop and strengthen your communication and leadership skills
  • Assist your fellow students with having their voices heard
  • Help improve the college experience
  • It is a great experience to add to your CV or UCAS personal statement

Promoting the rep system 

Once class reps have been elected, students need to know who they are, how they can be contacted and for what purposes to enable them to be truly effective. 

Ways that reps can promote themselves 

  • Produce a poster template (with EDC Students' Union branding) for reps where they can write their names or attach their photos or contact details.

  • We can provide reps with business cards to give out to their coursemates. 

  • Reps should send out a message at key times of the year with their details to remind students of their presence.

  • Reps could create a manifesto before the election, and circulate these to students in their department so that they become accountable representatives.

Any questions?

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