Learner Voice

The College regularly gathers feedback from learners in order to assess the effectiveness of its services and to inform the process of continuous quality improvement.

Student voice is at the heart of all decisions made within the college to ensure a positive student experience.

The College is constantly gathering feedback from learners in order to asses the effectiveness of its services and to ensure that student voice is reflected in all decisions.

The college uses several methods to gather learner feedback including the Student Union, surveys, focus groups, class reps, societies, day to day conversations etc. These are all opportunities for students to voice their opinions on all aspects of college activities and ensures a wide diverse range of students can participate. All forms of feedback are analysed and are used to inform both strategic and operational decisions.

The College’s dedicated Student Engagement & Wellbeing Coordinator facilitates the day-to-day interaction between College Management and the Students’ Union Officers and Students. This encourages active participation to promote the ‘Learner Voice’ in all college activities.


We’ve partnered with QDP, the UK’s largest independent provider of questionnaire-based feedback for the education sector, so that our students’ feedback can be benchmarked against other colleges and the voices of over 600,000 learners.

2019/20 Results:

  • 96% said the college feels welcoming (+6 benchmark)
  • 98% said teachers encourage them to work hard and behave well (+8 benchmark)
  • 97% said they were developing the skills needed to get a job or further study (+15 benchmark)
  • 96% said they’d recommend the college to others (+12 benchmark)
  • 97% said they were achieving what they set out to do at college (+13 benchmark)

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