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Land & Wildlife Management

Become One with Nature

Land and Wildlife management is a course unlike any other – this course is all about you getting outdoors and learning to care for the natural environment around us!

Conservation plays a huge part of the work land and wildlife students do. Under tuition from our expert staff, you’ll learn how to care for everything from woodland to different types of plants and animals, completing practical activities to ensure that nature can thrive.

Be prepared for the great outdoors - you'll spend a lot of time on your course outside, surveying habitats and managing the wildlife on the Houghall estate.

Work experience is also a mandatory part of this course - you'll be expected to get real experience with an employer in the sector you're interested in, supported by the college.

Former learners have carried out a wide variety of work on the Land and Wildlife Management course, including:

  • Planting heather and other heathland plants for rare butterfly species
  • Removing gorse from limestone grassland to encourage natural regeneration
  • Felling trees to increase light to ponds for great crested newts
  • Removing standing dead tree from banks of a lake to increase ground nesting bird presence
  • Tree planting in ancient woodland sites
  • Invasive species, Japanese knotweed and Himalayan balsam, removal

Survey methods undertaken by previous groups:

  • Mist netting birds
  • Intertidal zone surveying
  • Reptiles surveying
  • Small mammal Longworth (live) trapping
  • Pond dipping
  • Bottle trapping newts
  • River profile and plant surveying
  • Quadrat surveying for plants and fungi
  • Butterfly egg and on the wing surveying


Houghall’s Estate – The Perfect Place to Study Land & Wildlife Management!

Houghall is now the largest specialist land-based training provider in the North East! With over 400 acres of land available, Houghall is the best possible place you could be in when you become a land and wildlife students.

The college’s amazing estate is home to a very varied landscape; we’ve got huge woodland areas, our Houghall farm, the surrounding countryside and even our own Houghall pond. The area attracts loads of different types of wildlife too – over the years we’ve spotted all kinds of interesting insects to a resident heron who likes nothing more than trying to pinch fish from the Houghall fountain!

You’ll get to take advantage of the whole of Houghall during the course – regular practical sessions will get you out of the classroom and exploring all kinds of work related to One day you might be helping to prune back trees to make paths more accessible, and on another day you might find yourself in a pair of waders in the middle of Houghall pond, helping to catalogue algae.

If you’re looking for a course with a load of variety, this is the one for you!

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