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Motor Vehicle Maintenance

Under the Bonnet With Motor Vehicle

If you're the kind of person who loves to work with their hands, motor vehicle maintenance is a fantastic choice.

Our motor vehicle courses, taught at our Technical Academy, on the Peterlee Industrial Estate, are extremely hands-on, practical courses where you'll get to work on a wide variety of vehicles, learning how to identify and fix problems on cars, vans and the latest hybrid and electric vehicles too.

Alongside your practical work you'll learn the theory behind vehicles, learning what makes them tick and the science behind how it all comes together.

You can expect to learn a huge amount of practical skills as part of this course - the aim is to make you leave us with the skills and knowledge you'll need to work confidently in the motor vehicle industry, or even move on to higher education at university.

Some examples of the things you'll be learning include:

  • Working safely and effectively in a motor vehicle setting
  • Vehicle construction and routine maintenance
  • Chassis technology
  • Engine technology
  • Transmission technology

Before we go too in-depth about what makes our motor vehicle workshop at the Technical Academy so amazing, check it out for yourself with our video below!

Check Out Our Motor Vehicle Workshop!

We've already mentioned that motor vehicle is a hugely practical course, and we know that to do that well, you're going to need the right place to do it!

That's why we've invested in our fantastic huge motor vehicle workshop at The Technical Academy. Inside you'll find everything from a wide variety of donated vehicles for students to practise on to hydraulic lifts just like you'd find in a normal mechanics workshop.

You'll be learning from the very best too - our motor vehicle lecturers and technicians have years of experience in the motor vehicle industry, and it's from them you'll learn more skills than you could ever imagine!

In 2021, the college also built a brand-new, purpose-built electric and hybrid vehicle workshop as part of the North East Institute of Technology.

Inside this workshop you'll find two dedicated training rigs - one hybrid and one electric - to ensure your skills are bang up to date and ready for the electric future of vehicles.

Want to take a look around the workshop for yourself? Use our 360 degree tour below!

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