Assistance with Childcare

Many students have young children, a fact that often makes attendance at college difficult. So to make things easier, there are some financial support offers available to eligible students.

Students Aged 16-19

Students aged 16 to 19 may be eligible to apply for the Government’s Care to Learn scheme or check out the relevant page on our website for further details on the Care to Learn scheme.

Students Aged 20+

Students who have a household income of £30,000 or less are eligible for support with childcare costs up to £175 per child per week. All students aged 20 or over must apply directly to the College for assistance with childcare costs. To apply for childcare support, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be aged 20 or over and approved for a 19+ bursary
  • You must use OFSTED registered childcare provision
  • You must use all of your child’s eligible Nursery Education Grant (NEG) funding (aged two and above) for college hours, as your childcare bursary will take into account any 'free' NEG hours

For more details or an application form, please call Student Services on 0191 518 8222.

The College Nursery (Peterlee) Positive Steps

And don't forget, the College's Peterlee Campus has a fantastic onsite nursery.

Please click here for more details on our Positive Steps Day Care Nursery >>

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